The Principles of Pleasure: A Sex Education Series for Grown Ups


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Find the pleasure you’ve been looking for by getting the sex ed you wish you would have had! As a sex therapist there are certain topics I tend to cover over and over again; foundational sexual knowledge thatis helpful to a wide range of people but is also new information to most folks. This is a series of 4 classes, each one hour long. In each class I will teach about a topic that is one of the core principles of creating pleasure. The second half of each class is devoted to questions. This is your chance to ask a Certified Sex Therapist the questions that matter to you! This class is designed for people of all genders, orientations, relationship styles, partnered and solo.


Topics covered:

Week 1: Arousal and Pleasure Anatomy Basics

Week 2: Desire-What makes it show up and why it goes away

Week 3: Finding and communicating your internal Yes, No, or Maybe

Week 4: Toys, Lube, and Tips

A note about privacy:

This class can be as private as you want it to be. These events will take place via Zoom. You can ask a question in two ways-by typing it into the chat, or by raising your hand to ask your question on camera. You can choose to have your camera off and ask your question via audio. You can also put in whatever screen name you choose via your Zoom settings before the webinar. Events may be recorded so please make sure to take whatever privacy precautions you choose (via camera and microphone) before asking a question during the event. If you use Zoom for work or other reasons, double checkbefore logging in that you have your screen name set to whatever you want it to be for this class.

Click here for more information on how to utilize Zoom options for privacy.


Please note, these are not therapy groups. These are educational classes. If you are interested in sex therapy you can contact me to get on my waitlist (if you live in Minnesota) or go to to find a Certified Sex Therapist near you. If you are a current or past client of mine, you are welcome in class. I do not identify anyone in class as a current or past client. You must be 18+ to join us in class.

If you are in financial need email to inquire about low cost options. If you are able, consider sponsoring a scholarship for someone in need.


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