Relationship & Couples Therapy

Support for growing your relationship.

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist I work with a wide variety of issues: unresolved conflict, communication issues, anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and loss, to name a few. I have extra training in doing therapy relationally. This means valuing the perspectives of all the people in the room and thinking about therapy issues as they affect everyone involved. I think of it as working with the “betweens”: communication, conflict, love, boundaries, and sex all happen “between” people.

Curious about what to expect from your first session? See my blog post What to Expect from Your First Session.

M y office is located in Bloomington, MN, near the Mall of America. It is easily accessible from St Paul and the general Twin Cities area. I offer daytime and evening appointments. I am out-of-network for insurance and payment is due at the time of your appointment. You can use an HSA card to pay for therapy or I am happy to give you receipts to submit for out of network reimbursement. My fee is $190 per therapy hour (55 minutes). To schedule or for any other questions, feel free to contact me at or 612.879.0476.

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