Video Therapy

Telemental Health means therapy where ever you are.

What is video therapy (also known as Telemental Health Therapy)?

Video therapy appointments are similar to in-office therapy appointments. They are generally 55 minutes long and consist of talk therapy. My telemental health software works like Skype but fulfills HIPAA standards to ensure your privacy. 

Telemental health can be especially helpful for:

-People in small communities who want more privacy in accessing therapy

-People who have difficulty finding childcare to come in for an office visit

-People with transportation and/or mobility issues

-People without therapy services or a Certified Sex Therapist nearby

-People without a queer, poly, or kink knowledgeable therapist in their area

What do I need to start “Skype Therapy” or Telemental Health?

You need a computer or tablet, a reliable internet connection, and a place with enough privacy to be comfortable participating in therapy. Phones do not work as well for telemental therapy as the video is so small.

All telemental health clients must reside in Minnesota.

Can I mix telemental health therapy and in-office therapy appointments?

Absolutely! Clients who normally attend therapy in-office can use video conferencing therapy when it is convenient for them. Telemental health clients can choose to attend in-office appointments if and when that makes sense to them. Use these options in the ways that make sense to you!

What is the cost for telemental therapy?

The cost is the same as in-office appointments: $195 for a 55 minute appointment. 

How do I start?

Contact me at 612.879.0476 or to set up an initial appointment.

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