Welcome to My New Look

Look at my gorgeous new brand mark! I love it so much.

I’ve never had professional help with branding or any kind of marketing. I’ve always taken a DIY attitude to things like my website and business cards (remember when those were a thing?) partly because of budgetary reasons and partly because that’s where I come from. My parents and grandfather were small business owners who have done all these things themselves because that is what you do as a small business owner. I also come from independent (broke) theater where you do all the things. We need costumes? I’ll figure it out. We need flyers? Who do I know with a printer? But the reality is I am a sex and relationship therapist and educator, not a marketing specialist. I’ve been lucky to have a full practice for several years now but that’s certainly not because I have some kind of great understanding of SEO. Now that I am putting out online classes I realized I needed to try something different. I needed to ask for help, which can be hard.

I’ve seen a lot of negative sentiment out there about branding and on a lot of levels I get that. For example, when it becomes limiting of new possibilities (“that’s not our brand”) or when it promotes judgement (people who evaluate others on whether their clothes are brand name). But the process I experienced of teaming up with professionals who created the words and images for my brand was transformative and I want to talk about why.

First off, I am so grateful that I found the right people. I worried that I would find someone who was good at marketing but had no feel for sex education and therapy. I worried about all the clichés about sex that someone might want to bring in. The work I do is very emotionally important to me. Every day I witness the ways that good sex education can have life changing effects. I also have very personal reasons, family history reasons, why I do this work. I needed professionals who also saw my work as important and maybe even had their own deep reasons for wanting to work with a sexuality related brand. Lanae Carmichael at Lanae Writes and Katie DeFlumere at Rose&Wells were incredible. They felt the importance and the potential. They wanted to craft the words and symbols that represented me, my work, and would draw in folks who need and want my flavor of sexuality education.

That is part two of what was transformative about this process: gaining a better understanding of myself and what I am putting out into the world. Often my self-consciousness kicks in when I am asked about my work and I tend to default to an, “Aw shucks, I’m just me I guess,” response. Talking with Lanae and Katie, answering thoughtful questions about my work and who I want to reach helped me clarify my mission. That tagline, “Less shame. More you. Better sex.” hit me like a ton of bricks the first time I read it. I felt a wave of something big. Yes! This is what I want to put out into the world!

Want to hear more of what I’m putting out there? Coming soon:

“Pleasure grows here.”

“Belong to yourself. Connect with others.”

“Your weird is welcome here.”

Thank you Lanae!

There’s all kinds of fun sexy imagery out there; spicy peppers, artful doodles that look like anatomy when you squint and turn your head. I think you know what I’m talking about. My vibe is a little different than that. When considering imagery we kept going back to growth and nature. I love the idea that our sexuality is growing and changing for our whole lives. It is important that people know their sexual selves can always grow, especially if they need a change. If you haven’t felt satisfied yet with your sexual self, give it some time, love, and attention; then watch it bloom. Katie did this lovely adapted version of Laurel leaves for my logo, tying it in to both my name and to natural symbols of growth. And that incredible font! So gorgeous. Thank you Katie!

I’m looking forward to revealing all their beautiful work but it will be a slow release as I am back to my DIY approach for updating my website and class site. I’d love if you would keep checking these pages every once in a while to see my own progression and growth!

And speaking of continued growth…

I have a brand new class about sexual communication all recorded. It will be up for purchase as soon as I can get the editing done. I’ve included some of the topics that have been most helpful for my therapy clients over the years in asking for what they want, discussing honestly and gently what might not be going so well, and getting really good at creating more pleasure with your partner(s). Just like all my classes it was designed to welcome people of all genders, orientations, and relationship styles. While you wait for this new one you can check out my currently available classes:

The Sex You Want: Reviving Desire in Long Term Relationships

Yes, You Can Have a Post-Baby Sex Life


Exciting Sober Sex

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