New AASECT Supervision Group Starting March, 2022

My current group is finishing up in February and I will be starting a new group in March of 2022. Group supervision is a wonderful opportunity to meet colleagues, consult about a wide variety of cases, and decrease the cost of supervision. Email me at for more information.

New Podcast Episode: Power Play

Once again I had the pleasure of being a guest on the University of Pleasure Podcast. I love chatting with Dr. Tera Jansen and Jeremiah! Check out the episode, Power Play. Give a Little, Get a Little. The Pleasure in Playing with Power Dynamics. While you are there, check out their other great episodes onContinue reading “New Podcast Episode: Power Play”

Exciting Updates: Come Learn with Me!

If you are looking for exciting online trainings you can access from anywhere to help you advance your skills in working with sexuality issues and AASECT credit too, I have an exciting option for you! I am very excited to announce that this fall I took on a new role as Director of the HumanContinue reading “Exciting Updates: Come Learn with Me!”

You’re a sex therapist and I just want to talk about my relationship. Do you do that?

Yes. Yes I do. I get this question really often. So often, it seemed to be worth a blog post. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. While I love my work, I don’t love the name of my license because there are many kinds of relationships that aren’t covered under the categories ofContinue reading “You’re a sex therapist and I just want to talk about my relationship. Do you do that?”

What to expect from your first therapy session

First sessions are easier than you might expect. Here’s how they tend to go. First, find your way to my office or, if you have a video session, I will email you a link to a secure video chat room. Click on the link before your appointment to make sure everything works well. You mayContinue reading “What to expect from your first therapy session”

So you’re thinking about therapy

So you are thinking about starting therapy. Welcome to my blog! Trying to find the therapist who will be the right fit for you can be overwhelming. The times in my life that I have been looking for a therapist helped me realize it can be difficult to know who I should choose. Here areContinue reading “So you’re thinking about therapy”