What to expect from your first therapy session

A light up sign in the shape of a question mark.

First sessions are easier than you might expect. Here’s how they tend to go. First, find your way to my office or, if you have a video session, I will email you a link to a secure video chat room. Click on the link before your appointment to make sure everything works well. You may be asked to download an app depending on what kind of device you are using.

At the office, take a moment to enjoy the large atrium filled with plants when you first walk into the building or you can relax in the waiting room until your appointment.

I email clients all their intake forms before the first session so their therapy time can be spent on therapy, not paperwork. Over the years I have heard from clients that they do not want long involved intake forms that make you feel like you are writing a novel about your most private experiences before you have even met me, so I keep mine short and to the point.

The main focus of a first session is for me to get to know you and understand your goals for therapy. Of course, it is also your opportunity to see if you like my therapy style and decide if I will be a good fit for you. So, we talk! Some people launch right in and tell me all about it. Other people feel more shy and need a slower pace. My role is to meet you where you at and move at the pace that is right for you.

Second or third sessions tend to be a better time to create something like a timeline, relationship history, or genogram, so I can deepen my understanding of your situation. But all of this depends on your needs. I will be checking in about how I can create the most helpful therapy experience for you.

So that’s an overview of a first session. Not too scary! Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions or to schedule an appointment.

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